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2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Heavy Duty Front Ceramic Brake Pads

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Upgrade your 2007 – 2021 Toyota Tundra with a set of our Heavy Duty Ceramic brake pads! These HD/Tow rated pads are designed for Jeeps with oversized wheels and tires that also see duty towing or hauling. Features include:

  • Hardware and Grease included
  • High quality ceramic brake compound with more fade resistance than OE brakes
  • Longer lifespan and more stopping power than OE brake pads
  • Minimal squeaking, squealing, and dust


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2007-2021 Toyota Tundra Heavy Duty Front Ceramic Brake Pads

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Replace your stock 2007 – 2021 Toyota Tundra front brake pads with this set of Heavy Duty Ceramic pads from Beefed Up Brakes, and stop your oversized tires faster! Made specifically for Toyota Tundra’s with heavy aftermarket wheels and/or oversized tires, this set of brake pads is designed for towing and for rigs that are heavier than stock.

Made from a proprietary ceramic blend, our HD/Tow brake pads have been tested at temperatures ranging from 200°F and 650°F. Because it’s common to see brake pad temperatures as high as 600°F on vehicles that tow and haul, we’ve designed these pads for high temperatures. If you’re towing with your Tundra, or if your Tundra is substantially heavier than normal, these pads are for you.

Tested in accordance with the SAE J661 testing procedure, our HD/Tow brake pads outperform OE brake pads in a few key ways:

  • More fade resistance than OEM pads
  • Better friction and overall stopping power than OEM pads, especially at higher weights
  • A 30% better wear rate compared to OEM pads
  • Better overall braking performance for vehicles with oversized wheels and tires

And because our pads are made from a ceramic compound, you’ll enjoy a lot of the same benefits of your OE brake pads:

  • Predictable performance in cold or wet weather conditions
  • Minimal squeaking and squealing
  • Minimal brake dust

Finally, while our HD/Tow pads have a higher friction coefficient than our Trail rated pads, they’re still compatible with OEM brake rotors. You can rest assured our pads will offer better braking performance without ruining your OE rotors.

What Makes These Brake Pads Good For Towing Or Hauling?

Adding weight to a Tundra exponentially increases the demands on the brake system. If you’re adding weight by attaching a trailer, or by loading up your Tundra with gear, you want a brake pad that is designed to operate at higher temperatures. While our Trail rated pads are designed to improve brake performance without losing low temperature performance, our HD/Tow pads trade some of that low temperature performance for more consistency at higher temps.

Likewise, if you don’t tow or haul much with your Tundra, you might like our Trail rated pads better.

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