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2005-2015 2WD Tacoma Trail Rated Front Ceramic Brake Pads

Product short description:

Upgrade your 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma with a set of trail rated ceramic brake pads from Beefed Up Brakes! Our brake pads are designed for vehicles with oversized wheels and tires:

  • Fits 05 – 15 Toyota Tacoma with 5 Lug Nut Wheels
  • Hardware and Grease included
  • Increased stopping power, even for vehicles with heavy/oversized wheels and tires
  • Better performance and longer lifespan than OE brake pads
  • Minimal squeaking, squealing, and dust
  • Trail rated pads offer smooth engagement and release at low speeds


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2005-2015 2WD Tacoma Trail Rated Front Ceramic Brake Pads

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Replace your stock 2005-2015 Toyota Tacoma front brake pads with this set of Ceramic pads from Beefed Up Brakes, and stop your oversized tires faster! Made specifically for Toyota Tacoma with heavier than stock aftermarket wheels and/or oversized tires, this set of brake pads is designed for trail use as well as daily driving.

Made from a proprietary quality ceramic compound, our trail rated brake pads have been tested in accordance with SAE J661. SAE is the Society of Automotive Engineers, and J661 defines the Brake Lining Quality Test Procedure. The testing was conducted with operating temperatures between 200°F and 650°F, and the results of our testing show that our pads:

  • Provide better friction and stopping power than OEM pads
  • Wear 30% less than OEM pads

And because we use a ceramic compound in our brake pads, they’re great for daily driving. You don’t have to worry about excess brake dust, squeaking, or squealing. You can also expect good performance from these pads when they’re cold – no need to “warm up” the brake pads at the start of your daily commute.

Finally, because we use a ceramic compound, you don’t have to replace your OEM brake rotors to enjoy good performance.

What Makes These Pads Good For Trail Use?

Unless you’re running a very steep or very fast trail, odds are your brake pads will stay pretty cool when you’re off-road. So, we’ve designed these pads to work well at lower operating temperatures. They provide immediate friction when cool for smooth, predictable braking. And they release smoothly too.

NOTE: If you’ve got a Tacoma that you use for towing or hauling, check out our HD/Tow rated brake pads. While they don’t perform quite as well at cold temperatures as our Trail rated pads, they offer more stopping power and fade resistance for heavy-duty use.

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